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The Who - What - When - Where & Why

Any time you start a new business you get asked a lot of questions. People who are serial entrepreneurs often times just don't get it. Why take the risk, it's it a lot of work, aren't you afraid of failing and mostly the four W's - Who - What - When - Where and Why.

Well first is the who. Billy Wiesner, David Wiesner and Bert Dagnon have all been serial entrepreneurs and most recently in the Galveston area. By a weird twist of faith, we all lived in the same condo complex. We would see each other coming and going, Billy is hard to miss driving his brightly lit Polaris Slingshot with the radio blaring and he usual neon shorts.

More than just chance, Bert was following Billy and David's success and as it were to have it, Billy and David were monitoring Bert's success too. Slingshots, e-scooters and golf carts sort of brought us all together. Our first venture was buying 24 gas mopeds, sharing them between Galveston Slingshot Rentals and Salt Water Gift Shop and sharing the spoils.

Then Bert finally talked David and Billy into putting a Slingshot at Salt Water Gift Shop to rent. The mopeds and slingshots were a good start and began to build the trust and the relationship. One topic that always seemed to dominate the conversations, as Bert and David are a couple of old Sales & Marketing War Horses, was what to do for marketing. Between the two business we seemed to have tried it all. Frankly nothing was really working for either business. We did all our own work on websites and Google, but as for any viable and successful marketing in Galveston, there just wasn't anything that was worth the money and put new people in our shops.

That is when the idea of Free Tourist Book Galveston was born. As Billy and David have operations in Myrtle Beach and Gulf Shores, Bert asked them, what was working in those other locations. Free Tourist Book always seemed to be the strongest answer. It was bringing people across the threshold at Gulf Shores Slingshot Rentals and David had built a bit of a relationship with the owner.

Well one thing let to another and before we know it, we had negotiated a deal to bring Free Tourist Book to Galveston. So that is the Who, What, When, Where and Why of it all.

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